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LDNBS - Leukodystrophy Newborn Screenig Action Network

The Leukodystrophy Newborn Screening Initiative is a coalition of leukodystrophy patient advocates dedicated to championing the cause of newborn screening for leukodystrophies and lysosomal storage disorders.


We do not believe in wasting time and resources by starting from scratch with each new disorder. Instead, we want to build partnerships across the dozens of leukodystrophy groups so we can work together, coordinate our efforts, share resources and information and advance the goal of newborn screening for our entire family of disorders around the world.

The Leukodystrophy network reached out to CAZ media design to build an international website focusing on creating a network website to connect advocates and families looking to support the ALD, Krabbe and MLD communities through resources and research dedicated to adding newborn screening to their states/countries legislation panel. Another very rewarding opportunity to help bring together partnering groups and patient families around the world to champion efforts for a great cause. 


CureMLD is a global network of patient advocates and nonprofits dedicated to helping families impacted by metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD). We are here to connect you with resources, information, support, and others dealing with MLD.   Support for this site comes from Chloe’s Fight, Love for Loie,Gavin Flying for a Cure, the Calliope Joy Foundation, and other MLD families around the world.

CureMLD is a resource for families facing a diagnosis of metachromatic leukodystrophy  (MLD). Learn about treatment options and clinical trials for gene therapy and enzyme replacement therapy.  Find doctors around the world who are experts in treating MLD.

CureMLD reached out after helping design their sister website (Leukodystrophy Family Forum) to design and create a website surrounding MLD. They wanted an interactive, yet informative, website for families and advocates to find resources dedicated to supporting MLD families. The website focuses on supporting families through advanced research and support groups and donating time and efforts to clinical trials and therapy. I am super excited to be a part of this community and help support and work with amazing people that are making such a difference for families navigating the world of leukodystrohpies. 

The Global Foundation of Peroxisomal Disorders

The GFPD was formed to improve the lives of individuals with peroxisomal disorders by funding research, championing scientific collaboration, and assisting families and professionals through educational programs and support services.  

Melissa, from the GFPD contacted CAZ Media Design to help bring back the excitement around their website and create a new and inviting space for parents and researchers to find a ton of information on PBD or Peroxisomal Disorders. Another very rewarding and amazing projects that will help so many families find a community around such a rare disease. The conferences and support groups the GFPD provides will impact so many newly diagnosed families of PBD. The goal we to provide a smooth design for ease of navigation and be able to easily find the information that would help families in need. 

Freak Fitness Nation

Personal Training worldwide Landing Page

I've worked with Freak Fitness for a few years and they are always an amazing client. Darren Mehling (the freak maker) came to CAZ Media Design to design a clean and inviting landing page where his clients can choose the path to their fitness journey. I really enjoy designing all aspects of Freak Fitness digital design content, from websites, click ads, Facebook marketing ads, banners and so on. If you are looking to get in the best shape of your life and meet some amazing people. Freak Fitness has the coach for you. 


Residential and Commercial Window tinting business website design. 

Supertint is a family owned and operated window tinting business in Pittsburgh Pa. Dustin, the owner, contacted me to rebuild their website from scratch, introduce more marketing tactics, SEO, SEM and add more Mobile phone capabilities to their website. I created custom graphics and logos to help customers fend off their window woes and have Supertint save the day. It was a pleasure to work with Dustin and Linda on this exciting new website. Check it out for yourself!

Freak Fitness Athlete Ignition

Personal Training Membership and Subscription Website

After the success of the overhauled Freak Fitness Online website. Darren, the owner of Freak Fitness, contacted me to partner with him on a new venture. Freak Fitness Athlete Ignition. Darren's, vision and direction is apparent and strong. After working with Darren for a few years, I understand why his fitness clients come back year after year to gain the best knowledge in competition body building from the best coach in the biz! What an amazing step to creating a workout program affordable to not only the most experienced athlete but also to the average Joe. 

Leukodystrophy Family Forum

The Leukodystrophy Family Forum is a community of people united by our love for a child,
grandchild, sibling, friend, or student affected by the 50 forms of leukodystrophy. With the support and guidance of nurses, doctors, researchers, social workers, child life specialists and other patient advocates, we have created a resource for people caring for a loved one affected by leukodystrophy. 

Maria, from the Calliope Joy Foundation contacted me to collaborate with CHOP and her organization by creating a helpful, centralized community website. The project was not only rewarding but gave me great honor to work with such a great time to bring answers to a disease that is not as widely known. 

Urban College Planning

College Planning at it's best

After JoVon contacted me about creating his owner business to help youth and parents navigate the college application process, I jumped at the opportunity to help. We meet over coffee multiple times to go over important details and the "feel" of the website. We ended up creating a website to help thousands of young adults feel more confident in their college planning. I couldn't be more happy with the turn out of this professional website. JoVon has elevated his business to the next level with a custom logo and a website to be proud of. 

Megastar Tan

Spray tanning specialist

Megastar Tan wanted to showcase their skills through a modern website. CAZ took their company to the online world with a fresh new logo, image gallery and user friendly booking page for their clients to make appointments. 

Freak Fitness Online

Personal Training worldwide

Freak Fitness wanted to overhaul their old website to push their brand worldwide. As a fierce authority in the Canadian bodybuilding community, Freak Fitness was ready to bring their brand to the world through an innovative CAZ web design.

Spray tanning specialist

Spray tanning specialist

Show Tanning Professionals is a spray tanning company based in New Jersey. They provide exceptional service, privacy during spray tan appointments, and the best streak free flawless tan on the market.

STP is one of the largest spray tanning company for physique, bikini, and bodybuilding competitions throughout the nation. It was a fun project learning about the company's style and professionalism, as well as becoming aware that the spray tanning provides athletes with a fast very safe alternative to traditional tanning salons. 

The Calliope Joy Foundation Website

Supporting awareness for children with Leukodystrophy

The Calliope Joy Foundation raises funds to help children living with leukodystrophy through improved care, research, and family support.TCJF reached out to me to update their current website and produce a fast professional website to promote their upcoming events and help their amazing cause.It was a pleasure working with Maria and helping her nonprofit organization utilize the strength of online marketing to reach thousands of potential parents and caring families that need support or want to help raise awareness for leukodystrophy.

Kyle T. Rohan Racing Foundation

Supporting young riders everywhere.

This website is for a non-profit organization looking to connect with young moto x racers and help provide newer and safer equipment to the less fortunate. Kyle Rohan raced moto x his entire life and always had an open heart for the children. After Kyle was lost to an unfortunate car accident, his family wanted to carry on his legacy through this website.

Casbohm Maple and Honey

Fresh Pennsylvania Maple and Honey Products

A local Maple syrup & Honey maker, who also happens to be my father, needed a way to connect with his customers other than in person. The best way is with the amazing technology and social media avenues we have available today. I took this opportunity to build my father a website, shopping cart, and facebook page to promote our family business.

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