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3D Animation


With technology advancing at a super fast pace. Computer animation has the ability to keep up with the growing demand for animated characters, logos, and web site content, to make your business stand out amongst the rest.

I spent years developing my 3D Modeling/Animation skills to bring life to your ideas with the most reality.

Everything from backgrounds, textures, lighting, rigging, modeling, and animation are just a few steps to provide the realism you're looking for.

I created the 3D characters from a simple drawing/idea to a fully animated cartoon with emotion and life.

3D Animation
3D Animation
Origin Nile Films

As a freelance artist I have been contacted to work on many designs and animations for specific films and or projects.

This microphone was part of a film trailer to raise money to help the film come to fruition. The animation shows a microphone completely slitting apart and the camera entering to show the film's title: (Legend of Hip Hop). The film is currently being filmed today.


Casbohm Maple & Honey


A local Maple syrup & Honey maker, which also happens to be my father needed a way to connect with his customers other than in person. The best way is with the amazing technology and social media avenues we have available today. I took this opportunity to build my father a website, shopping cart, and facebook page to promote his business.


Also, I created this fun 3D rendering of my fathers "Sugar House" with a 3D fly through with a working evaporator with steam and boiling sap.

3D Animation
3D Animation
3D Dragster Model


I created this fully animated 3D Dragster model from a photo taken in Utah's famous Bonneville Salt Flats.

Below is a video of a walk around of the car. Also in the Demo Reel above you can see the car in action!

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